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Individual services are opted by business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, new moms and young girls of marriageable age. Most often our clientele is in a transitional phase of their life where they need to be prepared not only with their technical skills but also complement that with their visual presence. We address these concerns by assessing their exact need and customising the service.

Through the Individual Consulting format, we provide an elaborate personalised solution which starts with exploring and understanding various details about you, which further helps us in an image evaluation. You will be taken through various evaluation processes which primarily include:

  • Image Scope

  • Lifestyle Analysis

  • Personal Style Analysis

  • Body & Face Shape Analysis

  • Color Evaluation

  • Wardrobe Edit

  • Etiquette & Body Language

  • Communication

  • Personal Shopping & Styling

Based on the above evaluations, you will be advised on managing your image based on your roles, goals and occasions in life.

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Through our Executive Presence & Personal Branding programs, we aim to enhance the inner strengths, talents and abilities of your employees by helping them realise their full potential and present them externally, through power dressing (in Indian office wear for women), business etiquette and communication. 

We facilitate sessions for: 

  • Entry-level staff

  • Leaders to be sent overseas

  • Potential Leaders

  • Potential Women Leaders

These trainings can be done in groups or individually.

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The soul of retail shopping for a client today is the experience customers get when they enter a store, starting from the valet to the doorman to the sales usher and executive to the cashier and the after sales service. All of it counts!

We help employees own the brand representation in front of the client through our sessions on:

  • Customer Service

  • Body & Face Shape Identification

  • Luxury Brand Representation

  • Fashion Styling

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Uniform Designing

  • Policy Making

  • Mystery Edits

  • On-Job Training

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After the best of education and knowledge received by students from their Alma Mater, it becomes important to build their confidence in order for them to reflect their qualifications appropriately.

Through our Campus to Corporate sessions, we equip students for the campus placements and for their professional life afterward. So as to reflect their technical skills appropriately.

We facilitate sessions on:

  • Appropriate formal wear

  • Grooming

  • Body Language

  • Etiquette

  • Communication skills

  • Interview skills

  • Group Discussion & Personal Interview (GD&PI)

  • Business Communication

  • Team Work

  • Negotiation Skills

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