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4 Important Touch Points before an Interview

Whenever we prepare for an interview we prepare for all that we must do once we are in the interview room. However, we must be aware of the fact that we are being observed way before that!

First touch point of creating an impression becomes the email, itself.

All elements of the way the email is observed, right from the greetings and salutations, grammatical errors, how you introduce yourself along with the cover letter.

Now, the resume attached here becomes the second touch point, the kind of information that has been shared, clarity of details, fonts, colours, word spacing, etc.. and the format it has been submitted in.

Then comes the third touch point - a call for the interview. Once on call the impression is based on how you have received the call, the words you have used during the call and the message your tone of voice sends across, are you showing enough interest, too much interest or no interest, in the offer at all.

The final touch point is your punctuality and your time in the waiting room (virtual or non-virtual), are you showing nervousness through your body language or are you showing a lackadaisical attitude or a confident one? All is noted.

So ensure that every step you take towards your dream job interview is thoughtfully and carefully taken, it is not only when you reach the interview room!

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