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Are You Dressing for the Job?

You may feel there are two kinds of women in the world - those who were born with a natural talent for dressing well and those who weren’t. You may then assume that any woman in the first category will instinctively know how to dress right for her job, and any woman in the second category will not.

And you might just be wrong on all counts.

First off, there’s more to dressing right on the job than just having a sense of what’s right for you. There’s more to consider than just the color of your complexion or the shape of your body or the kind of personality you have.

As important as these aspects of dressing - possibly even more important sometimes- are considerations like:

- the kind of company you work at,

- the kind of people you work with,

- the kind of work you do,

- where you’re pegged on the organization chart,

- where you aim to go,

- whether it’s smart to look your age or not

And hundred other things.

And if you think you’re one of those who weren’t born with a natural talent for dressing well, think again. It’s not a natural talent. It’s a learnable skill. Just like your job. You can learn the basics… practice the principles… make a mistake now and then. And one day, sooner than you think, you’ve got the hang of it. You know you can do it. And it shows. If you’re smart enough to do the job, you’re smart enough to dress right for it.

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