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Changing Your Image In Times of Transition

The most difficult time to shape our clothing image is during transitional time in our lives. In college, for instance, peer pressure keeps people from dressing better. Wear anything fancier than jeans and a t-shirt, and you’re instantly rejected. After adjusting to that, it's a definite culture shock to change to high heels and a tailored suit when you’re trying to break into the business world.

One word of caution. If you’re not quite up to the level you’re aiming for in your company, it’s smart to reach a little in your image- to dress as if you were already on the next leg to achieve your goal. But you must be subtle. Nothing annoys others more than a person who “jumps the gun,” suddenly dressing two levels above where they are themselves. Your competition doesn’t like it if you haven’t put your time in, as they’ve had to. The only way you can claim an image is to cultivate and refine it slowly.

The fact is, it’s wise not to change your image too fast in any aspect of your life. Consider your husband, employer, parents, children- people who have definite ideas about who you are and what they expect you to look like. You don’t want to deprive them, overnight, of the person they’ve known solong. But you have to grow and change in your own way. You may surprise your near and dear ones as you begin getting your look together. Don’t shock them by changing totally at once. Gradual change will probably be better for you- and better for them- because you can integrate it more. On the other hand, it’s not necessary to get everybody’s approval.

A change in your image and the way you present yourself during a time of transition enables you to fit into the role with ease.

The generic times of transition are:

  • Graduation to first job

  • Unmarried to married

  • Moving from one country to another

  • Embracing motherhood

  • Moving from sabbatical to work

  • Change in employers

  • Change in field of work

  • Change in profile (moving up the ladder)

  • Moving from working for a company to being an entrepreneur

As your role changes, so must the way you present yourself.

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