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5 productive tips while working from home

Remember the last week of March 2020, we thought the work from home culture was a temporary shift. However, day after day, week after week and now month after month, it has become a new way of life.

The working from home has taken a toll on us in some way and we can actually address it. Our moods can get better and productivity can shoot up, with this little hack. If we decide to look crisp, it can lift our energies.

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Dress up, show up & don’t give up

Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable yet professional. Yes, the business casuals. Go for the tops and shirts with collars, even a simple collared t-shirt can do the trick! Wearing collared-shirt ensures we don’t slouch and keeps our body language in check. Pair the collared-shirt / t-shirt with cotton trousers or shorts.

2. Vertical lines increase alertness

Wearing garments with verticals lines in the print, button placket or collars helps us feel more psychologically alert and draws the viewer’s attention towards our face on video calls.

3. Be a rainbow in your own cloud

Colours have the power to uplift not only your moods but also help you dish out the crispness you require. Opt for colours such as whites, lighter blues, yellows, orange and pinks. Which will not only help you feel calm but also add some enthusiasm with their brightness and relative degrees of warmness and coolness.

4. De-wrinkle your life

Even though you might not have a video call with a colleague/ boss or client, ensure your clothes are clean, washed and well ironed, it helps you feel fresh and mentally active.

5. Make up & grooming

Ladies, don’t forget to follow a regular skin and hair routine. Using your moisturiser/ sunscreen and a little make up of a liner, lipstick and hair well combed will go a long way in feeling lively. Men don’t forget to shave and brush your hair.

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