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5 tips to shop smartly in 2020! - I

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Remember the time you went on a shopping spree without a care in the world?

Well, the year 2020 has changed a lot about our life.Now with the malls open, the shopaholics in us are jumping at the opportunity to shop!

  1. Lifestyle

The pandemic has drastically changed how we live and will further change in the coming year.

So when you go shopping next, analyse the kind of lifestyle you will be having, are you going to continue working from home?

Consider the dual roles you have to play of being a caretaker for kids at home, while doing home chores, as well as working from home, invest in clothing that fits well for all.

Do you have any new goals in life? A lot of our plans and goals could have been shunned and pushed away, giving way to new ones. A simple example could be, I had thought of being a more social person in 2020, by being there at all weekend parties hosted by my friends. But clearly, that might change.

The next year shows a change in the occasions in our life, lesser Diwali, Christmas, and new year parties, lesser travel, lesser office or almost no office parties and gatherings. Be wise! Understand what your lifestyle is going to be!

2. Changes in body size

The lockdown has moved all of us to different directions of the pendulum. Either some of us have become serious about our fitness goals and used exercise as our stress buster or some of us have used eating our favourite foods and cooking up a storm in the kitchen as our stress buster. Whatever might be the case, there must have been some changes in our body size and shape, be mindful of these changes.

3. Personal Style

On average a person’s personal style and likes and dislikes in clothing change every 6 months. So revisit your wardrobe once before you embark on your shopping spree and understand what fabrics, colors, prints, styles do you like and dislike, currently.

4. Reuse, restyle, repurpose

It is also a wise idea to look into your wardrobe and see what are the garments that you could repurpose, or reuse or simply restyle before you go and buy a new or similar one just because you are bored of wearing it in the way you usually do. Also, make a systematic shopping list of clothes that can add value to your existing wardrobe. Better to go well planned to shop, smartly!

5. Precautions

After keeping all of the above in mind, a new way of going shopping will be to actually take good precautions when you go.

Do carry a mask and wear gloves when you go shopping.

Avoid trying out too many garments at a time. Pick only the ones you really like and wish to buy. Hence, limiting the time you spend in the trial rooms.

Avoid going to the mall during rush hours or sale periods. Choose early morning or afternoon time slots.

Happy Shopping!

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