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5 tips to shop smartly in 2020! - II

The malls now open for a few months coming as a relief to most shopaholics. Has also come with its fair share of rules.

Most stores not allowing trials or even a return policy, has made shopping a herculean task for most who relied on in-person shopping rather than online shopping simply because they preferred to try on the garments before purchasing.

Fret not! Here are some tips you can keep in mind before you step into a mall for the first time, post-lockdown:

1.Shop from your regular brands

At this point in time, try and stick to the brands you are loyal to and prefer in terms of fit, quality, style, etc..

2. Be aware of your measurements

Note down your measurements on your phone/diary before leaving home. Ensure you have the basic measurements such as shoulder, chest, waist, hip, and arms width, handy.

3. Know your regular size from the loyal brands

Check the size tags of your existing garments at home, and note them down on your phone again. For example, Bombay Paisley size S is the same as a Vero Moda M.

4. Carry a tape measure

To be safer and to ensure accurate fitting, you may want to carry a tape measure in order to measure the garment's waist or hip and with the help of the store staff, you may measure yourself also and check whether the size is accurate.

5. Stick to basics

At this point, avoid experimenting with new styles that you haven’t worn before. Stick to tried and tested styles and only what you require at this point in time.

Be wise while you shop and save money while you shop!!

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