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Are You Intriguing or Disturbing?

If you lack image integrity, it means some striking aspect of your presentation is out of sync with who you are. If the striking aspect is a plus, people can be intrigued and attracted, and may give you the benefit of the doubt, at least for a little while, in regard to the “minus” they also see. If, for instance you appear sophisticated and graceful but your accent does not match up- you’ll attract people on first acquaintance, but your goal should be to improve your speech to the level of your taste, so that the initial favorable impression will not fade because people are disturbed or puzzled by the contradiction you face them with.

Many women make a common mistake: It doesn’t seem to occur to them to take care to change their private- life image when they first take on a new job. For instance, the alluring lady who comes to work in sheer, plunging-neckline blouses sends the message that it isn’t work she’s after, but something else. Or the disheveled type who always looks sloppy and uncoordinated tells the world, “I don’t feel too good about myself.” The fragile, frail girl in pale ruffles and soft voice says, “I need protection.” The funky dresser who changes from glitter jewelry to jodhpurs gives the message, “I am not reliable. I won’t be around long.”

What messages are you sending?

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