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Are you shopping for your Needs or Wants?

“Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” is a common terminology used in India to signify the basic needs of every individual. The question is, are we still sticking to our needs or making them more wants these days, especially when it comes to our clothing?

Clothing is an important and key element in our daily life wherever we go, whether at home, work, community, sports, holidays or ceremonies.

At the same time, looking at the current trends or what our peers invest in, we tend to get influenced and focus on wants rather than needs. Here is a checklist of why we must focus on needs:

  1. To avoid interference with developmental tasks

Whether it is a newborn, infant or toddler, a teenager, young adult, middle aged or senior citizen, all have different physical, psychological and emotional needs which can be met with appropriate clothing. If not met, they can interfere with developmental tasks, activities and goals.

  1. To avoid being self- conscious or self absorbed

When the clothing needs of an individual are met, the mind is free of any concerns about clothing and appearance. The mind is able to focus on important matters, increasing productivity. Which in turn helps others to better see you as you want to be seen or need to be seen, and to concentrate on you and the purpose at hand.

Coming to the Wants, remember the time as a teenager when you insisted on having the new dress, and your mom responded with, “Do you need it?” because the words “I need” are often used when what you really mean is “I want”

Take a moment to let that sink in.

Because once essential needs are met, we begin to notice or focus on wants, something that we feel will help us “fit in”, give us confidence or happiness.

However, the actual clothing needs are influenced by our environment, demographics, day to day lifestyle and our likes and dislikes in clothing and our personal style.

But the wants are influenced by our values that we’ve been brought up with, our attitudes, and what our friends and peers are investing in!

So the next time you shop, take a pause and think, is this a “Need” or a “Want”? That’s going to be your first step towards conscious shopping!

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