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Beyond Superwoman

Before you take the first step towards your enhanced image- look in the mirror- look around.

Look at the era we are in now: the new living patterns, the new standards of style, beauty and performance, the new goals we are setting for ourselves. They all have a bearing on the image you evolve for yourself.

The two -paycheck family is the norm. Year by year, competition gets stiffer. Indeed, for most of us, it’s not a matter of choice. We have to work. Whether we are single, married or a single parent. But as any working woman knows, a woman has two jobs. The one she gets paid for and the one she’s born with - the job of being a woman. The world expects us to be good at both and what’s important, we expect it of ourselves.

Our time is limited, our standards are high, our hopes and goals are escalating, and help seems to be disappearing. I’d like to say it doesn’t have to be You. Rather, it’s old notions, conventional expectations, worn-out ways of doing things, irrelevant standards of excellence.

The changes are happening all around you - and it’s women like you who are making them happen. Perhaps they are easiest to see in the area of style and fashion.

What’s different? We don’t bow down to the up and coming new trends. But that doesn’t mean we forget about dress entirely. More and more of us are joining the workforce, and work still has its dress codes- even though they are more relaxed these days, we still need to draw a line to the relaxation. How to reflect the professional dress code with individuality is the new challenge we have to meet and beat today!

Our notions of beauty, too, are changing. In this new age, beauty is energy. No longer do we achieve beauty by “hiding” our faults and imperfections. It's the character that counts today- character that draws people’s attention, holds their interest. For us now, beauty is the exciting mix of energy and individuality.

But the most significant change of all is in our attitude about ourselves. We may not know exactly where our lives are going, but we know where we’ve been and we’re not going to settle for it. Superwoman- the one who has it all, does it all, manages it all so well and so completely- too often has no quiet time to enjoy and to savor her supercharged life.

Perhaps the most basic mistake we working women make- given our frenetic lives- is to assume unconsciously that “keeping on top of the situation” is the goal. It isn’t. It’s the means to the goal- which is living your life, not just surviving it. That’s what the upcoming blogs are going to talk about.

In the upcoming blogs, I’ll show you how the most surprising changes in the way you look, the confidence you feel, the impression you make on the people around you, and even the style with which you handle your job, will come from such a simple starting place as choosing the right clothes that define your image. Your true- and best- self.

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