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Brand Malala beautifully featured in British Vogue

Malala Yousafzai, a name well known to the world, was a refreshing personality to be seen on the British Vogue’s July 2021 cover. What stood out beautifully to me, was the way she was styled in the three different looks.

It was wonderful to see the blend of the Brand Malala, a young lady with a vision and mission and the Brand Vogue.

The No Makeup Look with a hint of a deep lip tint

All three outfits depicting the appropriateness of who she is, her role as a young activist while keeping the occasion of the shoot in place she has been beautifully styled with a hint of glamour through the use of exotic fabrics, and appropriate body language.

The most striking element remains her authenticity, well in place. The head scarf represents the culture of pashtuns indicating where she comes from. Her classic personal style is reflected through clean cuts, solid colours and subtle use of accessories. The fabrics with a blend of firm and fluid communicate the perfect balance of strength and warmth.

In addition, the attractiveness has not been compromised at any level. The use of fabrics and cuts working perfectly for her body shape along with the head scarf beautifully framing her face. The combination of red and blue communicates the balance of stability and energy. The no makeup look with just a hint of a lip colour represents her natural self.

In all the pictures, her body language and facial expressions communicate her ideology of having your own voice within your culture and standing up for one’s rights.

To summarise, her personal brand has been communicated through:

  • Clothing appropriate to her roles, cultural background and goals in life

  • Grooming which reflects her authentic self

  • Body language that resonates a powerful personality

All in all, it was refreshing to see a personality like Malala on the cover of British Vogue communicating power of influence wielded with clarity and care.

The coming together of these two big brands clearly shows that one need not be a glamorous celebrity to be featured on the cover of the world’s leading fashion magazine and #changeishere.

Picture Courtesy: British Vogue

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