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Celebrating World Image Day with Brand Relaunch

6 years ago when I started Tenue, I didn't know which way would the business go, but I took the leap of faith. And fast forward today, I am launching the brand all over again.

What I mean by the brand launch is the business has a new identity: new name, new logo, new brand colours and above all an articulated purpose: all of this shared through a new website and social media platforms.

For the last 6 years I have been working on all these things in my mind, but COVID gave me the breather to work on it in a dedicated fashion.

I chose World Image Day to announce it to the world, as I intend everyone to know that there is a day to celebrate your appearance and inner beauty.

Through Tenue's website and social media platforms I want to share my experience and knowledge

Hope you will tag along the journey.

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