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Clothing = Therapy?

Can these two words be used in the same sentence?

Clothing and fashion are two words that are far from anywhere related to one another, for most people,because as per common thinking, fashion is seen as simply exterior. However, what is forgotten that what is inside gets reflected on the outside

And, what is outside gets internalised.

Read that, again.

Indeed our clothing is not only a tool to look good but also feel good. Because clothing provides the needed change, variety, interest, and excitement in our daily lives. Research also shows that people wearing jeans and t-shirts on a day to day basis, over a period of time tend to stop using their creative grey cells thus becoming duller and less creative individuals, as an end result.

Clothing also works as a therapy for people suffering from depression. Surprised?

Well, it is a proven fact.

Because the two common things that are recommended to overcome it is to either move or do something creative. And putting together a new combination of your outfits every day counts as a very creative way to start your day.

Most often people get caught up in fashion for the sake of fads and trends they forget about function. That’s where they don’t benefit from this unique form of therapy.

Think about it, there is a reason why every occasion in our life demands a different set/kind of clothing.

Looking good isn’t necessarily vanity!

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