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Forever Fabulous with Your Image

In all these years of consulting my clients, I am frequently asked “ What really is image management and how can I get better at it?” Or “How can I maintain an image that remains constant?”

My response to them is just focus on being “Fabulous” which means a Tale or a Story. and what better way than keeping the following 4 steps in mind to tell your story to the world!

1. Appropriate

Always be appropriately dressed to the occasion, to your roles and the goals you wish to achieve at that occasion which would lead to the achievement of your life goals.

2. Authentic

Being authentic is an essential element to shape your image. Know who you really are, your personality, your likes and dislikes in clothing and what you wish to project to the world.

3. Attractive

Always turn up looking attractive. Dress appropriately to your body shape and face shape. Wear colours that only enhance your facial features.

4. Affordable

An image can be managed and shaped in any budget at all, it need not be an expensive affair. Find out what you wish to project to the world, through a self reflection exercise and which clothing elements will help you project that and eventually which brands within your budget carry those kinds of clothing.

The remote control of your image is in your hands, you only need to learn the art of using it well!

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