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From Frenzy to Focus

If you are one of today’s working women, trying to juggle the demands of a promising career, a helter skelter private life and an unwavering insistence on personal style – read along (this blog and the upcoming ones).

When I started my Image Consulting career in 2015, my aim was to help my clients present to the world the best image of themselves because I knew that was the fastest, most direct way to help them feel better about themselves. Cut to a few years into it and I realized how much more far reaching the effects would be. Only after helping my women clients did I come to realize the bigger social significance of getting one’s image into focus.

Very simply, it tells the world you’re in focus. And the world reacts accordingly.

When people look at you with interest, admiration, trust, respect. You, in turn, react as any human being does when treated as an important person- you become more interesting, admirable, trustable, worthy of respect. Even if you aren’t quite there to start with, if your image says you are, the world expects the best of you - and you live up to it. The result? Developing an authentic personal image- one you’re comfortable with, one that makes the most of your unique individuality- miraculously helps you get your entire life in order.

Yet too many women never experience that feeling, never get a chance to feel good about themselves, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it. Because today’s woman is trying to do more, live more, be more than any woman in history.

My upcoming blogs are to help that woman who works, takes care of a family, runs a house, and to top it all living with the pressure of performing perfecting on all fronts. In the bargain forgetting who she is. Hence, my aim is to help her redefine and express herself through her sense of personal style. It’s women like her- the jugglers who I have most empathy for. Perhaps, because my mother is one too and somewhere I am too.

You want to grow in your job, to have an effect on the people you deal with. You want to make a crucial difference in the lives of those you love. You want to develop your personal style, a style that will give you your world a lift in the way you look and dress, in the skills with which you handle your professional relationships and in the pride you show in the way you present yourself.

I also know how it feels when you think you’re not up to it or, worse still, when you think that you never will be up to it, that only Superwoman can do it- and you’re not Superwoman.

But the fact is - as I’ve learned from my own experience and that of my clients- you’re a lot more “super” than you think. It doesn’t take special talent, special drive. All it takes is two things, both in your personal style: Using the Art of Clothing to send out the best message about yourself to get the right responses, and changing the way you do things to make them simpler, faster, easier and more rewarding.

How to get from Frenzy to Focus is what my upcoming blogs are going to be about. Stay tuned!

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