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How Different Women Use their Image

Most frequently, we try to imitate what our counterparts are wearing and how they carry themselves. Sometimes even attempting to fit into the stereotype. However, it isn't how Image functions. It must be unique, distinctively you, and personal!

One client, a top executive, uses clothes to set the level of taste for the whole organization she runs and to underline the fact that she’s the boss. Off-duty, she wears wild fantasy clothes, to achieve other important aims: to split work from private life, to prove she’s a fun-loving type, and that it’s OK to relax.

Another client is a very savvy woman in her forties who works on TV. She spends a lot of time on her image and turns herself out each day so smartly, her bosses can’t fail to get the message that she's in full control. Always in pretty colors or an interesting blend of textures, she comes off not only looking her best, but young and energetic too. Clothing is her tool and has become her edge.

If you’re shy and always too tongue-tied to make the first move, choose the right image and your clothes can do it for you. Clothes that enhance, flatter, and attract can say what you can’t and make up for your initial shyness. In the same way, if you have a speech to give or a meeting to preside over, and you’re afraid you may revert to an earlier, less- sure self, dress in a powerful outfit of quality and it won’t happen. Your image will help keep you in command.

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