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Recycle Your Clothing

The high cost of clothing and the realisation that far too much money is wasted in outdated clothing makes the idea of recycling more attractive.

Here are some money saving makeovers you can try:

  • Roll up the frayed long sleeves of a blouse for a more casual look

  • Cut off long sleeves to create a short sleeved blouse/ kurta

  • Completely remove the sleeves to make a vest

  • Take off worn collars too create a mandarin type jacket

  • Layer faded or stained blouses with a sweater or jacket

  • Long dresses and skirts get a new lease of life when shortened. Leftover fabric can be converted into a scarf

  • Seams on an A-line or flared skirt can be restitched to create a straight-style skirt and likewise for trousers/ slacks

  • Trousers that are too small in the seat, hips or thighs may be layered with a tunic top

  • Shoulder pads maybe added or removed

  • Elbow patches can be added to remodel a jacket

However, while storing clothing for recycling, first check the fabric to make sure it warrants saving. Ensure it is durable to undergo all of the remodeling, clean and then start the process whether by yourself or with the help of a tailor.

Here’s your opportunity to take a break from shopping and revisit your wardrobe to give some of your garments an easy makeover at home!

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