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Top 3 Resumes to a Winning Interview

Whether you are going for your first interview as a fresher or your 10th interview as an experienced professional, whether it is virtual or in person, an interview can be the most nerve wracking time for any individual!

During my Campus to Corporate sessions with students, I always share the following 3 step process to a winning interview:

1. Visual Resume

Research says the first 10 seconds of a first impression made by a candidate can either make it or break it for him/her because these few seconds helps the interviewer to decide whether or not to hire the candidate!

Based on which the intensity of the questions are decided.

This first impression is made up of the attire you wear, the body language you carry and basic courtesies you exchange with the panel of interviewers.

2. Written Resume

By no means your written resume is any less important. The written resume is the platter of your achievements, skills and qualifications and it must be presented beautifully. Ensure the grammar is correct with no room for any spelling errors. It must be printed on a good quality paper which has no wears and tears. Ensure you carry it in a neat folder. Avoid any fancy fonts and colours. And most importantly, all information mentioned should be true!

3. Vocal & Verbal Resume

While you have mastered the visual and written resume, it becomes equally important to place the cherry on top with your vocal and verbal resume.

Ensure you speak clearly and confidently, with enough command in your voice.

Be prepared with answers to the frequently asked questions related to your industry and current affairs.

To ensure you are exuding the confidence required to win the interview, make sure your self talk before the interview is only positive!

All the very best for that dream interview!

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