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Your Guide to Indian Work Wear for Women

Most often, women who belong to the corporate world or are business owners face the challenge of feeling uncomfortable in wearing western formal wear and resort to wearing kurtis and leggings to work. Unaware of the impact the appearance leaves, on being considered as a leader for promotions, not being taken seriously, not being heard by their subordinates or employees, etc..

To address these challenges, here are some tips to create an impactful, appropriate & authentic image at work, while embracing your Indian wear.

1. Chose Straight Fit Kurtas:

The lesser the flair the better. Opt for kurtas that are straight and paired with straight fit, cigarette pants or narrower salwars or cotton churidhars with minimum gathers near the ankle. It helps to create a sharp and crisp look. Avoid leggings as much as possible.

2. Solid Colours:

The more solid your colours the better it would be, you may play around with the colours from lighter to darker depending on your industry.

3. Firm Fabrics

Firmer fabrics help retain the crisp shape of a kurta. Pick from options such as cotton silk, moonga silk, linens, starched cotton or mercerised cotton.

4. Geometric Patterns:

Geometric patterns help the viewer to keep attention on you as the wearer and not the pattern itself. Too many florals all over the outfit create a distracting image and attention leads to the pattern instead.

5. Firm dupattas:

Opt for dupattas that hold their shape such as cottons and silks. Avoid georgette and chiffon dupattas, they not only take away the crispness but also are a hassle to handle in a work environment.

6. Chic accessories:

Opt for covered footwear with minimal heel for ease of movement.

Choose earrings that are smaller and easier to handle instead of danglers. Avoid big chunky bracelets or bangles that could create distractions.

Handbags must be well structured and not overloaded.

Start small with one step at a time and you will see a transformed professional image while being comfortable in Indian wear, over a period of few months!

The crisper you look, the more in command you look and feel!

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